Saturday, September 1, 2007

Anisimov alright after minor scare

Another Super Series game, another injury to a Rangers prospect. Artem Anisimov left game three of the Super Series after a knee to knee incident involving Colton Gillies. Anisimov came across the middle of the ice, Gillies stuck his knee and and clipped Anisimov's knee and lower leg. The play came on a delayed penalty, with Canada already one man down, and went unpenalized. It was originally thought that he had sustained torn knee ligaments, but he was back in action for the September 1st Game 4. He was still feeling the hit a little bit, but he looked alright according to several articles. Just another incident that calls for the Rangers to be protecting their prospects so close to training camp and the NHL season.

Here is the video, again from youtube.

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Stevens8204 said...

The kids need to play has been a mantra of some Ranger fans I know for awhile. With Maloney gone...I don't see the kids getting the time they need to improve but maybe Sather and company can prove hockey fans wrong.

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