Friday, September 21, 2007

Rangers v. Devils

Continuing from the last post, after two periods at the Garden, the Rangers lead 4-2. Goals 3 and 4 were scored by Betts and Straka. I missed one of the Devils goals, but I know Parise has the other.

Valiquette is in now for the Rangers. Montoya was sharp for the most part, handling the puck fairly well on several occasions. He looked calm and minus some scrambled moments, looked good. He gave up the one goal that I missed.

Parise's goal was a great shot by Parise after he deked Kasparaitis on the powerplay.

Brandon Dubinsky looks incredible. Fighting along the boards, centering passes and knowing where to go defensively. The game also has a bit of a regular season edgy kind of feeling to it.

Should be an interesting third period.

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