Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Thoughts

Just for our Islander blogger Rob who is here to give his slant on things, neither myself nor Lenny is debating the fact that Ryan Hollweg plays the game on the edge and sometimes catches guys from behind.

The fourth line energizer plays the game hard and is out there throwing his body around to inject energy. Not much different from most fourth liners with little skill. There have been instances where I've taken him to task for some undisciplined penalties. Because when you play that kind of aggressive physical game, you have to play it smart and not wind up in the box for boarding costing your team.

I feel where we differ on the whole Hollweg-Chris Simon saga is that the Ranger side feels the winger caught Simon from the side with a shoulder. Not from behind as you claimed countless times as if to justify the ridiculous retaliation if you can actually call it that.

Nobody here is calling the former Ranger evil. But his actions were uncalled for then. And for him to get back in the Islander lineup in a meaningless preseason game and continue to take cheapshots igniting a brawl, it makes us lose respect for the guy.

As it is, I feel Simon is a solid player and can add a good element to any team. He's got some ability to score a few goals too unlike most fourth liners. We got a chance to see that here where he fared well and won plenty of respect on Broadway.

When a character player resorts to cheapshots on another team no matter who it is or the situation, it changes the perception.

If he did that on our team, I'd be equally as appalled and want him off my team. There's no place in this game for that shenanigans.

So, if you want to stick up for him because of what color jersey he wears, you're more than welcome to. Just don't expect myself or my co-blogger who's brought a lot to the table to agree with you.

I'm way past the point of this being about what's an entertaining and great bitter rivalry which is good for the game. This is about a player who screwed up. Plain and simple. Much like Donald Brashear and Marty McSorley and much like Todd Bertuzzi.

I am all for hard fought ultracompetitive games between our clubs and hopefully it won't become as disgraceful tonight or in the meaningful eight this season as it was this past Monday at Nassau Coliseum.

If the situation is reversed and a Ranger does it, I'll have no problem taking them to task.

Hope we are clear here.

Best of luck this season.

As for my one random thought, this is for Lepore:

If the Sabres miss the playoffs, I'll walk from my home to the Verrazano Bridge.

Any chance Doc and Eddie have been talking too much to my crazed Buffalo friend Brian?

There's no way that team misses. And that's a guarantee!

P.S. Fedor Tyutin and Dan Girardi are higher on the depth chart than Paul Mara and highly anticipated Marc Staal.

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