Friday, September 28, 2007

It ain't tennis boys...

I know I am a little late coming to the aid of my fellow Islander fan Rob on the fracas between the Islanders and Rangers the other night but I will try to give some of my own "insight" if you will. First and foremost, why was Chris Simon playing? Granted I am an Islanders fan but I don't see how a suspended player, especially one who was suspended for swinging their stick like Simon did, is allowed to play pre-season games let alone a game with a heated rival.

And I get it Hollweg "plays on the edge," yadda, yadda, yadda. Obviously somewhere along the line Hollweg upset Simon enough that every game Simon will have a vendetta against him and that folks is hockey, even more so in what creates a heated hockey rivalry. But here is the thing, if Hollweg wants to be an energy guy and throw his body around he is going to need to be accountable and defend himself when another team's enforcer steps in with the proverbial enough is enough hand-to-hand combat routine.

The issue here is between Chris Simon and Ryan Hollweg, not Colton Orr, and certainly not Jason Strudwick. From the video it looks as if Hollweg and Simon were paired off and Simon had a slight advantage in the 1 round bout. Why Jason Strudwick felt the need to get involved is beyond me. Hollweg is a big boy who played Major Junior so I am sure he knows about fisticuffs, Strudwick should've let the two fine gentlemen have at it.

And please Jeremy Colliton, take off your skirt next time everyone pairs up on the ice, you embarrassed Islander fans during the melee. The least Colliton could've done to prevent Strudwick from getting involved was drop his gloves and try to hold back his man. Ricky D. was doing the right thing to help out his guy when Strudwick was trying to play "Peace Maker" and hold back Simon's arms so Hollweg could get a few shots in, now that was not a "punk" move at all.

Also, lets not forget a little trip down memory lane where Dan Cloutier "disrespected" Tommy Salo while punching him when he was defenseless on the ice, I am sure Ranger fans weren't rooting for an injury there Mr. Kovy274Hart. Montoya got what was coming to him, he was not baited into anything. Not to mention the fact, the Referees could've easily stepped in when the 2 netminders were squaring up.

I've looked at the tape and I believe I've looked at it objectively as well. Like I said in the beginning Simon had no right playing in this game and this could have been avoided or at least prevented until Simon's suspension is over. Strudwick was wrong for trying to get to Simon, Ricky D. was right in standing up for his teammate, and Jeremy Colliton is a little girl. So put on the foil and think Eddie shore, because I doubt we've seen the last of this bad blood.

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