Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rangers Drop Third Preseason Game in a Row

There was no broadcast of the game again last night, but the Rangers lost 6-1 against the Detroit Red Wings. Henrik Lundqvist was again sub-par in his performance in net. Scott Gomez tallied the only goal for the Rangers on the powerplay from Jaromir Jagr in the 3rd period. This game was a little disheartening, even though it is only the preseason, because it was played with several more Rangers regulars in the lineup. Henrik obviously still has some summer rust to still shake off, Jagr and Gomez need to start clicking, and the Rangers defense needs to tighten up. We have two more preseason games left, as well as 10 or so more cuts to make. We'll see what happens towards the end of the preseason.

Also, just to clarify a few things. I am a die-hard Rangers fan. Along with that, I despise the Islanders, Devils, Penguins and Flyers. It's a rule. While many of my views and opinions will be pro-Rangers, I have no problem pointing out when a Ranger does something wrong. It was in my opinion that what Simon did to start the brawl on Monday was completely unnecessary and uncalled for. I had all the respect in the world for Simon before his baseball bat swing to Hollweg last year. I respect any guy that is willing to drop his gloves and protect his teammates. But not when it is from behind, with a stick, or in an unnecessary situation.

Rick DiPietro's antics also came off as unnecessary. Sure he was caught up in the whole moment like the other 10 players on the ice, but it was even strength. There were five Rangers on the ice and five Islanders on the ice. When Strudwick and Orr jumped on Simon, which they probably shouldn't have done, it is the job of the other skaters to separate that. Ricky D. jumping in made the sides uneven, forcing Montoya to come down. Montoya didn't want to fight, and DiPietro baited him in, then saluted the crowd when it was over.

Ryan Hollweg plays hard. Does he play safe? Not all the time. Does he go out with the intent to injure? Not at all. He knows that he is a replaceable player in the NHL, and he needs to keep his energy up and keep the crowd going. He doesn't do that with goals, and he's not even all that good at fighting, but man, he can throw a big hit. Players who play as hard as he does will occasionally do something dangerous. When that time comes, it will be addressed. But Hollweg has never swung sticks at people, which I feel is a whole lot worse than what Hollweg is known for.

Again these are my views on things. I welcome a good debate, and will admit when I am wrong. But I would like to keep it as civil as possible when it comes to Rangers v. Islanders (which sometimes does include a brawl or two).

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