Saturday, April 7, 2007

That's It Folks

I'd love to stay and blog for Game 4, but I just can't keep it up. Enjoy Edmonton-Calgary everyone, and whatever's left tonight, it should be great.

Atlanta beats Tampa tonight, so we know most of the matchups

Rangers @ Atlanta
Tampa @ Devils
Pittsburgh @ Ottawa
Toronto or the Islanders @ Buffalo


Colorado or Calgary @ Detroit
Minnesota @ Anaheim
Dallas @ Vancouver
San Jose @ Nashville

2 matchups left to go. We know that Dallas and VanCity will play Wednesday.

Goodnight everybody, it's been the most successful day in our histor, hundreds of hits on our little site. There are big things in BoNY's future.

If Derek returns, he may continue through Oil-Flames tonight, but I'm done. Thanks.

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DC In YOW said...

That's a lot of pucks to track over the course of a day. Well done.

DC In YOW (On the Sens side of the Battle Of Ontario)

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