Sunday, April 8, 2007

Looks Like I Might Be Right

Well, it looks like I could be right about my hunch a few nights ago:

And you know every Islander fan will be watching intently on the scoreboard as they take on the Flyers knowing their team is very much alive. Something tells me the Isles are going to make it. I don't know why.
That's what I said Thursday during an entry.

It looks like it will be the first time since 1994 that all three metroarea teams will qualify for the postseason. And if you include Buffalo upstate, that's four. The Sabres will be preparing for the Battle of New York ironically. Maybe it was destiny that Ted Nolan would face his old club. As I write that, the Devils get a nice redirect from John Madden to make things interesting. The Isles can't actually blow this, can they? There's four minutes left.

Up until this point, this was a freaking pathetic showing by a team that prides itself on perfection. I'll bet Rob and every Isles fan can't bare to watch.

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