Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Isles Win, but Eliminated; Devils Win in Skills Comp.

I'm going to direct you to my SFM column this week for my thoughts on the 06-07 Isles. This was written before they were eliminated, but you get the jist:


They're season kind of played out like The Producers. With Charles Wang out to put on the greatest flop in hockey history, he hired Garth Snow as Bloom to his Bialystock, signed aging veteran players and a coach who'd been out of hockey for a decade. Somehow, it almost worked. Why they Won't: Because nobody with a starting goaltender who's nickname is "Dubie" should make the playoffs. If Ricky D. were still in their for New York, even if he was concussed, New York would still have a fighting shot. But the clock will strike 12 on these Isles before Sunday, and it's a shame. Until Chris Simon decided to become an Atlanta Braves fan and do a tomahawk chop, this was a team worth rooting for. A hard-working bunch with a coach who had a chip on his shoulder and a team everyone counted out. But time will run out on the Isles; it's just a matter of when.

When came tonight folks.

Read the rest of it here, and I'll post more on the Isles, as will Rob likely, later in the week.

Around the NHL

Also, Johnny Madden scored in regulation and SO to beat the Sens 2-1. Devils will clinch the Atlantic by simply reaching OT in one of their next two games.

Gionta goes down late in the game. Now, Gionta may not be as important in a 1st Round series, but when the scoring well dries up around, oh, Game 2 of Round 2, we will need him.

Going to get my playoff tickets on Thursday or Friday; Derek maybe should consult the same box office for his tix.

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