Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Correction

The Isles are not out, as both I and Sam Rosen stated. But here's what needs to happen.

On Thursday:

-Isles must beat the Leafs. DIY. Simple as that.
-The Rangers must beat the Canadiens.

On Saturday:
-The Islanders must beat the Flyers.
-The LEAFS must beat the Habs.

If all this happened, the standings would read as follows on Sunday:

8. TOR - 91
9. NYI - 90
10. MTL - 90

On Sunday:

-The Isles must WIN over the Devs. If they got a point, it would not matter. The Leafs would have more wins, 40 to 39.

So, they need help, but they can also help themselves a great deal. It's not the hardest road, but it's still very bumpy.

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