Sunday, April 8, 2007

And the Isles Do It!

I'm glad. Good for them. Good for Nolan! And a big boo to the NHL for this stupid freaking gimmick actually deciding the final playoff spot!!!!! That should never happen.

To be honest, as a rival fan, I respect what the Isles have done here. Wade Dubielewicz' performance the final four games was as clutch as it gets. He proved he should've been the Islander backup all year long. Good for him! I hope he silenced Tom Chorske.

It would've been a crime of epic proportions if the Islanders had lost this game. A game in which the Devils barely broke a sweat until that Madden goal. Give the Devils credit for trying hard at the end and making it tough on their opponents. Maybe a little too close for comfort for my co-host Gary Harding and for our Isles' blog contributor Rob. But congrats to you. You're in!

And a date with Buffalo awaits. Get ready!

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