Sunday, July 1, 2007

BoNY LiveBlog 1PM Reset! Breaking News!


1:59 PM The guys try to excuse wasting your last 3 hours. I was just fun speculating.

1:59 PM Drury will likely be the first domino, says Pierre.

1:58 PM Bertuzzi and Lang are ones to watch. Shanahan as well.

1:58 PM They repeat the numbers again.

1:57 PM Parise and Emery may be RFA candidates.

1:56 PM They scrape the bottom of the bottle talking about RFA Offer Sheets.

1:54 PM The Edmonton Oilers are in the mix for a trade.

1:53 PM Chris Drury may be meeting with LA face-to-face right now. LA, MTL, STL, PHI and NYR are in the mix. McKenzie says Gomez and Rafalski will be signed by 6PM.

1:51 PM White was not ranked among TFP's Top 30 UFA, and scored 13 goals last season. Atlanta has made all the signings today. All 2.

1:50 PM Yeah, breathtaking, eh? 10 minutes to go.

1:48 PM BREAKING NEWS: Atlanta Signs Todd White, 4 year/9.5 Million.

1:47 PM The Reporters are as dull as The Sports Reporters...who knew?

1:46 PM They blab about choices players make when they decide on a team.

1:45 PM More The Reporters.

1:44 PM Doug says the big key is self-imposed GM budgets, and not the cap.

1:43 PM Doug bets Michel Ouelett's had many offers today.

1:42 PM Petr Sykora
Pierre: Pittsburgh
Doug: Detroit

Michel Ouelett: Atlanta
Pierre: Atlanta
Keith: Washington

1:41 PM Michal Handzus
Pierre and Keith: Stay in Chicago
Doug: Columbus

Tom Poti
Keith: Calgary
Pierre: Rangers (Not a chance)

1:40 PM Bill Guerin
Jonesy: Ottawa

Brad Stuart
Doug: LA

1:39 PM More right fits for players.
Matheiu Schnieder
Pierre & Keith: Detroit

Slava Kozlov
Doug: Detroit



1:33 PM More stuff on Iginla. 4 or 5 year deal.

1:33 PM BoNY PROGRAM NOTE: I WILL BE GOING OFFLINE FROM 2-3PM, BUT WILL BE BACK FROM 3PM till the rest of the day for updates. Keep tuning in to Battle of NY for the latest news! And we've got 27 minutes of blogging to go!

1:30 PM Commercial Again.

1:28 PM Answering TSN's question, I'd take Thornton over JI any day.

1:26 PM Treading through filler material right now.

1:24 PM Danny Briere's received 9 offers, narrowed them down to 5.

1:23 PM Miller says teams are dropping out right now as the prices go higher.

1:21 PM Who could use Drury the most? LA. Los Angeles apathy is at an all-time high, they need a good, proven winner, and an American kid. Hmm, who could fit that bill.

1:20 PM Commercial.

1:19 PM Souray's hair will land him in NY according to Dougie.

1:18 PM Brian Rafalski
Pierre: Detroit
Doug: Some US City

1:16 PM 1 Year Deal for Jackman btw.

1:15 PM Chris Drury:
Pierre: San Jose
Doug: Colorado
Keith: Los Angeles

1:14 PM They're talking about good destinations for the Top 5. Pierre says Gomez would be a good fit in VanCity or Philly. I still don't think Gomez will stay in the East. MacLean says LA. He'd look good feeding Anze Kopitar.

1:13 PM Commercial.

1:11 PM Hopefully Jumbo Joe and Iggy will return the dollar values to normalcy now. Probably not.

1:09 PM Briere and Drury have likely narrowed it down to Philly, LA, and Montreal. Ryan Smyth's received offers from 9 teams. BREAKING NEWS: Jarome Iginla close to signing a 4-year extension, 7 million a year. THN Reports.

1:08 PM Reported offer for Briere from MTL would be 6 yrs./$42 Mill. Briere and Drury are in LA right now.

1:08 PM KT's tried calling Paul Kariya, but he wouldn't take the call. BREAKING NEWS: Barrett Jackman re-signs in St. Louis. Tkachuk is surprised.

1:07 PM Yeah, Tkachuk should use his experience with Team USA to base free agent acquisitions on.

1:06 PM They'res the Tkachuk phone again. They're talking to him now, from his kids baseball tournament in Kansas City, with cheers in the background. Keith bullshits Duthie about "possibly" coming back to STL.

1:05 PM Talking Head goes on about news you already know. Dupuis, Tkachuk, Jumbo Joe.

1:04 PM Looks like this'll be nothing but a scare. They go to a SportsCenter update. I thought we left VERSUS to get away from SportsCenter.

1:04 PM Here we go.


1:00 PM Still with the friggin' HHOF. Enough already.

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