Saturday, July 21, 2007

Simon Signs

The NHLPA reports that the Islanders have signed Chris Simon for $475,000 next season. No word as to whether the contract is for longer than one year.

In other news, where is the signing of a solid D-man? I'm waiting..........


Steve (Newark) said...

Well, you could've gone with Sean Hill, the D-man who FALSELY tested positive for 'roids.

But no, let's take the guy who swung his stick into another guy's face.

Patricia said...

Except, uh, Sean Hill is garbage.

Ask me, I'd take neither.


The Dark Ranger said...

SAVED AGAIN BY TED NOLEN!...and to think he is a 'father'.

The Dark Ranger is NOT a fan of Chris Simon -- all in all, not a fan of the NY Islanders in general either!!

And to think, Ryan Hollweg is still trying to properly brush his hair after that hit! How dare Simon!!

The Dark Ranger

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