Friday, July 20, 2007

Arbour Back Behind th Bench for #1500

Thats right folks, Al Arbour is returning behind the bench to coach his 1500 game(with the Islanders that is). Oh, and Campoli got signed for 3 more years. Gotta love off season Islander news!

Its nice to see Ted Nolan pay homage to Al like this, but honestly couldn't have Teddy picked a less formidable opponent? I'd like to see Arbour make game number 1500 a big W, but going up against the Penguins is a daunting task. Maybe the Isles could've tried to squeeze in this PR move when Phoenix was in town or maybe its just that Al likes a challenge, I don't know. Either way it'll be a good trip down memory lane and it'll be sure to stir up some of those memories of when the Islanders were, you know, good and stuff.

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