Thursday, July 5, 2007

Important Dates

July 7th: Steve Works at Live Earth
July 11th: NHL Schedule Released
July 12th: Steve's Annual "Predict the NHL on VERSUS and NHL on NBC" Contest For Those with Really Nothing to Do.
July 13th: Steve's Annual "Create a completely new TV Schedule for the NHL to Sell to a Better Network" Extravaganza.

July 20th: Battle of New York goes on hiatus for about 6 Weeks. Only our newest bloggers will be allowed to do occasional posts (i.e. weekly) as a tryout for the new season.

Sept. 1st: Battle of New York makes it's triumphant return to all 7 of it's adoring fans.

Speaking of new bloggers...joining us soon should be our new "Everyday" Isles blogger, Frank. Frank will be keeping up on the torture on the Isle every day, where as Rob will remain restrained to weekly.

Also, in the fall, Derek will be shifting to more weekly duty. We're still looking for an additional Rangers blogger! Remember, is the address to go to! We also need a weekly Devils blogger, so e-mail me if interested in joining the team.

Until then, enjoy the speculation! See you for more news and (hopefully) a new Devil!

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