Friday, July 20, 2007

I hear Russia is quite lovely in the winter...

So long and good riddance Mr. Yashin. I really hope signing in mother Russia works out for you, NOT! The key to this deal, "No out clause." If Alexei has a change of heart(I know he has no heart)...Ok, if he changes his mind he still can't come back to the NHL for this year. I am sure Yashin and ex-Islander Randy Robitaille are going to rip up the Russian league for years to come playing together for the Yaroslavl Locomotiv.

Yashin's agent Todd Diamond sounded eagerly optimistic about the signing,
"Right now the city(Yaroslavl) is electric, everyone is excited, the arena will be packed and Alexei will play hard." Sounds like this Todd Diamond has a wonderful sense of humor and is still enjoying the commission money he is getting paid from Alexei's Islander contract.

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