Sunday, July 8, 2007

Live Earth: A review

Here are my thoughts of the LIVE EARTH New Jersey performances, as I attended on Saturday. Back to hockey as soon as we get some freakin' news!

So here's the breakdown of the day:

-Kenna came out first and got everyone in the crowd dancing, and for someone we'd never heard of before, he was really enjoyable.

-KT Tunstall was next, and honest to God she was the big surprise of the day. Only 2 songs but she really captured the crowd in her hands and was very impressive.

-Taking Back Sunday's singer was barely audible, which really took the momentum out of their performance.

-Keith Urban wasn't bad, but it's not really my style of music.

-Ludacris was the first artist since Tunstall to really get the crowd into his set. He was really enjoying himself and his set was as tight as anyone elses.

-AFI had another one of those sets where the crowd just meandered around going "What the fvck is this?", until they finally busted out "Miss Murder" which wasn't bad, and a surprisingly good cover of "Ziggy Stardust". It wasn't their crowd and they kind of knew it, but they did the best with what they had.

-Fall Out Boy, for what people (including me) have said about them, we're extremely tight, and had most of the younger crowd going with them.

-I took my break during Akon.

-John Mayer had a decent set, and probably had the first song that had anything close to doing with the cause ("Waiting on the World to Change").

-Melissa Etheridge had the most poignant set of the night, with her song from An Inconvienient Truth. Al G. came out for a second time after she performed.

-Alicia Keys was up next, someone whom I've maybe heard one song of in my lifetime. She probably made a better impression on me than anyone in that whole show. She did a Rolling Stones cover that really had the crowd going.

-Dave Matthews Band came out, played "Don't Drink the Water" and jammed around it for about 10 minutes. They weren't bad, I can see why so many people love their live show.

-Kelly Clarkson was good. She has a great voice, but frankly, I'm getting a little tired of her, and the crowd didn't really respond till she got to "Since U Been Gone".

-Kanye had a solid performance, and probably made the most of the 20 minutes each artist had. He had a weird looking orchestra, in silver suits. Again, wasn't his crowd, but he tried real hard, and probably won over a few fans yesterday.

-About 75% of the crowd was there for Bon Jovi. They could've taken a sh!t on stage and gotten huge cheers. Other than "Wanted Dead or Alive", I was left largely annoyed with their arrogance and self-love.

-The Smashing Pumpkins were next. Er, Billy Corgan and some bastardized, 17-member version of the Pumpkins if you watched the videos. Anyway, there were only 4 of them here, and they sounded really good. "United States", 8 minutes long, is still a great new song. They were very good.

-Next was Roger Waters, whom I anticipated the most for that night and didn't disappoint me. I yelled at people who left during "Another Brick in the Wall". Probably the best act of the night.

-The Police came out and sounded really great, but Sting, he just was either horse, or didn't have the pipes. They jam like kings though, and Kanye West and John Mayer on "Message in a Bottle" was a great cap to the night.

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