Thursday, July 5, 2007

Poll Question

Will Souray sign with the Devils? Yes or No? leave comments.

Still no new news to report other than that it's about money and no-trade clauses and lots of that boring stuff.

Random rant: Anyone noticed how much Islander swag has been showing up in TV shows lately? Eric's Isle hat during the Medeillin shoot was the most obvious. One you may not have noticed is Liz's boyfriend Dean on 30 Rock owning a white Islander jersey. Liz has made references to trying to learn hockey on the show as well.

Good for the Isle.


Brian said...

I have a feeling Souray is going to sign with someone other than NJ. I'm just taking a wild stab at it though.

Patricia said...

Souray is going to sign with my butt.

That's an e900.

...which totally trump's Eklund.


ice dog said...

i would say there's a good chance he will sign with the devils, however he maybe reaching for too much $$$...

I have a feeling lou will not be denied in this case...

souray is just what the doctor ordered for the devils power play. souray's defence skills would be sharpened with the devils coaching staff on him (robinson, stevens, laperierre).

I'm sure his pal marty has spoken with him and that could possibly help the devils land souray. the devils need to have at least one prime time defenceman now that stevens, neidermeyer, rafalski are all history.

Stevens8204 said...

Over the cap the Rangers may go....he will sign with the Rangers.

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