Sunday, July 1, 2007

2:30 Update, Blog it for now


3:01 Chris at The Arena Program informed me that Schnieder signing opens up the possibility of ANA signing Drury if Niedtoretire (Sorry, slightly bitter Devs fan still) and Selanne hang it up. Certainly he has the cash to go head-to head with anyone.

2:58 One more on Burke, he still has $9 Mill in cap room, $15-16 mill if Nieds decides to hang it up.

2:56 If Nieds returns, you can just put him and Pronger out there every other shift, and have Beauchemin and Schnieder out with a little O'Donnell and DiPenta mixed in. Either way, the Ducks are set for another serious run.

2:54 Now we might see some dominoes fall. Watch the rest of the day go by without an inking. Brian Burke = God frankly. If your a Ducks fan, and you don't a golden shrine made in his image yet, your nuts.

2:53 The Ducks have signed Matheiu Schnieder, 2 years

Year 1: 5.5 Mill
Year 2: 5.75 Mill

Very interesting.

2:49 The FAN 590 in Toronto is reporting that Brian Rafalski and Philly are talking and getting very close.

2:48 Shout out to, and all the members reading the stuff over there. Thanks for reading. I have a feeling Ryan Smyth and Daniel Briere are going to take their time. This is just pure speculation, but I think Drury might get done today, same with Gomer.

2:42 6 Years, $24 Million for Ryan Whitney in Pittsburgh.

2:41 Still not sure if the Jokinen for Tanguay rumor is true.

2:36 Atlanta could still be busy, trying to re-up Slava Kozlov.

2:35 Many sources are saying Schneider to the Isles, or possibly Anaheim. Detroit will likely re-up if they can't get Brian Rafalski.

Tom Poti - WSH - 4 years, 3.5 Mill per
Brett McLean - FLA - 3 years
Richard Zednik - FLA - 4 yers
Ryan Whitney - PIT - TBA

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