Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Rumor: Souray to the Devils?

All over the place, rumors are swirling that the Devils are going to sign Souray for somewhere between 5.5-6 million.


Anthony said...

I like Souray and think he will help our team, but 5.5-6 mil a year. I'm not criticizing Lou, but next year the Free Agent Maret will be huge. I'd rather save the money for Heatley, Marian Hossa, or Dion Phaneuf. Out of all of these Free Agents I would love to have Phaneuf. Phaneuf is only 22 years old and has averaged 50 points per year, he's 6'3 215, amzing fighter, and can flat out HIT.( Just ask Dennis Hamel). With all of the guys Calgary has to re-sign (Kipper, Lombardi, and Phaneuf and they just signed Regehr and Iginla)how are they going to stay under the cap. They just signed Nolan and Sarich and traded for Aucoin.

Just want to here anybodys thoughts about Souray or next years Free Agents.

Max said...

I wouldn't understand Lou giving Souray that kind of money. After all, I thought Rafalski left because he was only offered a marginal ($0.2 mil/year) raise instead of the significant one he expected.

In other words, if Lou is prepared to pay 5-6 mil on a d-man, he could have given Rafalski the money. Souray isn't any better, and I'd agree with anthony there about saving money for future UFA's.

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