Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Your Thoughts on Zubi; Ryder Files For Arbitration; Canucks Sign 3

What does everyone think of new Devil Dainus Zubrus? I like the signing, if it took 6 Years to get him, It'll be ok.

Michael Ryder and the Habs will go to court for an arbitration hearing. He'll get close to 4 Mill.

The Canucks have signed Cory Schneider, Brad Isbister, and former-Flame Byron Ritchie.


Marky D said...

Should be great, he's ready to have a breakout season any minute now, and maybe it will spark Elias to finally start acting like a captain. Looks like they still have 10 mil left and they shouldn't stop now.

R.I.P Scott Gomez
As for Rafalski.. you really suck

Max said...

I've said elsewhere already that I think it's a solid signing. Zubrus is under-rated. I think he'll do well given a big role on a decent team (no offence Washington, but c'mon).

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