Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Zubrus to the Devils

TFP Reporting, 6 Year Deal.

This is a decent signing for us.


MaverikAC said...

Darn, I wanted my team to have Zubrus.
This is a good sign for the Devils.

Steve (Jersey) said...

Jeez mav, greedy much heh?

Anthony said...

Okay this could be a good signing, but 3 mil a year! Come on we could of used it to get someone else like souray or even ryan smyth before he signed. Before i signed zubrius i would have signed comrie.

Max said...

The only time Lou Lam was ever prepared to pay Smyth money was when he offered Niedermeyer $7.5 mil, and that's because he's about the only player that was ever really worth it, Marty B notwithstanding.

Besides, Smyth is a wing and Jersey was thin up the middle even with Gomez. Drury would've been nice, but Zubrus is apparently prepared to play for sensible money, and my money says he puts up similar numbers to Gomer in Jersey anyway.

It's a good signing regardless, and actually a very good one given how thin the free agent pool had gotten.

Brian said...

I like this signing. Adds size and skill to the first line. The years are a little long, but for the price Lou got him at, I think it is a great deal.

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