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BoNY Liveblog: The NHL UFA Frenzy

12:00 Noon THE TAMPERING PERIOD ENDS! General Managers may now show interest in unrestricted free agents. Blah blah blah. Let's see where the first domino falls. My pick? Michal Handzus.

11:59 AM Commercial as we hit 12!

11:57 AM Pierre McGuire says John Paddock should coach the Sens. Dale Hunter and Patrick Roy are Jonesy's choices, and former teammates. Dougie says Murray should do both.

11:56 AM Doug MacLean says bigger creases, Pierre McGuire says no, Keith Jones says no.

11:55 AM Can we not talk about Phil Esposito right now?

11:54 AM Haha, Jonesy's dumb. Jonesy, PMac say Xenophobia caused Cherri's drop. DMac says it's the right call.

11:53 AM We go back to P-to-the-Mac-G's raving lunacy about Alexei Cherepanov's consistent bridesmaid status. They're doing something called the Wednesday-Night Quiz.

11:51 AM They're using all their commercials for before the start so that they can have time to break stories when they want.

11:50 AM Technically, he's not even a Bruin for another 10 minutes, since Boston would be over the 06-07 cap.

11:48 AM Manny Fernandez on the line with JDuth. Am I the only person who thinks this move isn't a great idea?

11:47 AM They suggest that if you deal UFA, they can't go back to the team for a certain time period.

11:46 AM The reporters are Canada's answer to ESPN's The Sports Reporters. Dave Hodge, Damien Cox, Michael Farber and Steve Simmons debate the "rent-a-player" system.

11:45 AM A Reminder, drop me a line at E-Mail, AIM Incudude530 or leave a comment if you have any questions!

11:41 AM Lindros is no longer a gamble because he's a 4th liner. Dougie Mac says he'll have a hard time finding a job. Commercial.

11:41 AM Forsberg could go back to Philly or Denver at a bargain.

11:40 AM Pierre says not Montreal, but other teams will risk on Yashin.

11:38 AM Matheiu Schnieder and Dainus Zubrus are possibilities for Les Habs.

11:37 AM Habs are looking for 2 d-men and a top 6 forward.

11:37 AM Gainey's got some room to play, but will have to deal with some arbitrations.

11:36 AM The gang is talking Habs right now.

11:34 AM Another break. We're halfway to Noon.

11:33 AM Wow, they're really given it to MacLean about this stuff.

11:32 AM I think Jonesy's lost me on the fact that Toronto still sucks.

11:31 AM Pascal Dupuis (ATL) has re-signed for 1 year, $808,000. I like Dupuis a lot, he'll provide them energy off the 4th line.

11:30 AM They have the money for Ryan Smyth, and would be interested in Jason Blake and Paul Kariya.

11:30 AM JFJ is looking to dump Kubina or McCabe.

11:29 AM JFJ has about $6 mill in wiggle room. $8 mill counting the 10% overage.

11:28 AM Back and headed to Toronto.

11:27 AM Commercial

11:26 AM TFP's 10 Best Available (Teams Interested in Parens):

1. D. Briere (BUF, MTL, NSH, MTL, WSH, LA, EDM, SJ, PHX, CHI)
2. S. Gomez (NJ, WSH, LA, CHI, EDM, PHX, PHI, VAN, TOR)
3. P. Forsberg (NSH, PHI, COL, VAN)
5. S. Souray (MTL, LA, PHI, WSH, FLA, ANA, SJ)
8. S. Hannan (SJ, PIT, ATL)
9. T. Bertuzzi (DET, FLA, PHX, MTL, TOR, BOS)
10. P. Kariya (NSH, VAN, ANA, MTL, OTT, TOR, NYI)

11:22 AM The Sens will let Oleg Saprykin go. MacLean says OTT's in the worst cap shape of any team, and Redden's "Not goin' anywhere".

11:21 AM Phoenix has placed Dave Scatchard on waivers.

11:20 AM TSN's James Cybulski says Redden, Emery, Schaefer and Corvo could be on the block in Ottawa. Redden is the most likely moved due to his salary.

11:18 AM They're looking at needs for all 6 Canadian Teams. This is a good time to remind you that TFP is your source for all the chatter. Right now, they're reporting that MTL is after Daniel Briere.

11:18 AM We're Back.

11:16 AM Commercial. Back after the break.

11:14 AM Is it just me, or is Brian Burke much smarter than everyone else in hockey?

11:13 AM BRIAN BURKE! Says he hasn't heard from Nieds or Teemu. He's giving them as much time as they want.

11:13 AM Cool, the NHL takes privy over NASCAR and Boxing here.

11:12 AM Pittsburgh, Toronto and Vancouver will all be players according to Miller and Duthie.

11:12 AM More rankings:

6. Sheldon Souray
7. Scott Hannan
8. Paul Kariya
9. Jason Blake
10. Michael Nylander

11:12 AM Pierre is shocked that Rafalski hasn't resigned with the Devils yet.

11:11 AM Duthie and McGuire are naming the Top UFAs.

5. Brian Rafalski
4. Daniel Briere
3. Ryan Smyth
2. Chris Drury
1. Scott Gomez

11:10 AM Miller points out that if your team missed the playoffs more than once recently, you have no shot at signing anyone.

11:10 AM Bob says the Sharks want to sign Joe Thornton first, before they take care of anything.

11:09 AM Gord Miller, Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger have their own insider's studio. They make jokes about Blackberries and Hamilton and whatnot. Dreger points out that their are some key players who need to look into re-signing (Crosby, Heatley, Ovechkin, Emery, etc.).

11:07 AM Note that the salary floor is $34.3 mill, the cap $50.3 mill, and the max player salary is $10.06 million. Doug MacLean say no one will make $10 Mill. MacLean says no one should make $10 mill, but players might be able to command $8 mill.

11:06 AM Pierre says that Toronto's John Ferguson, Calgary's Daryl Sutter and Edmonton's Kevin Lowe will be active. Jonesy says his Flyers, the Sharks, the Rags, the Avs, and the Kings will be active. The Avs will be active because they have what every team wants.

11:05 AM Doug MacLean, Keith Jones (!) and Pierre McGuire are the panel for today. Duthie points out that this is the youngest UFA Class ever.

11:04 AM Also talk of the deal between Minnesota and Boston for Manny Fernandez.

11:04 AM Quick talk about Keith Tkachuk's re-signing

11:03 AM Souray also in that group, Kariya as well, Jason Blake...really? Nylander, now we're just going Tier 2.

11:01 AM The panel is hosted by James Duthie and right now they're showing highlights of the top UFA prizes, Briere, Drury, Gomez, etc.

11:00 AM Let's rumble!

10:54 AM Remember to leave comments and questions, I will look for an answer.

10:52 AM Just so that no one is comfused, please note that what we'll be watching is TSN's "Free Agent Frenzy" show on (and TSN and in Canada) with the myriad of TSN hockey experts and Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, and Pierre McGuire on cell phones live on camera.

Should be fun! See you in 7 minutes or so!

10:43 AM "The frenzy! The greatest experience in life and I missed it"
-Dr. John Zoidberg

Don't miss out on all the hooplah, we'll be ready to go with Free Agent Frenzy coverage in about 15 minutes tops.

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