Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rangers lose to Candy Canes

In a game I didn't care enough to bother with, the Rangers lost to the Canes 2-1 in overtime. The identical score they managed to win by on New Year's Eve in Raleigh. What does it prove that our hapless team can't muster anything against the worst team with a shaky D? That Paul Maurice was dead on about the other night in another game I didn't watch, choosing the USA/Canada classic instead featuring kids who care rather than dead weight just cashing paychecks. Maurice's team was outshot nearly double (63-37) in the home-and-home but still managed a split. This was what he said after Thursday's game after being outshot 35-18:

I don’t think the Rangers played a real tough game. There wasn’t a lot of momentum to be had in the game either way. It was a slug from one end to the other.

I think anyone would agree there's nothing tough about this Ranger version. They're a flawed team that was poorly constructed by a GM who continues to keep his job due to some sort of crazy loyalty from Dolan. Or perhaps a wild love affair. Gaborik got the only goal tying it with his league-leading 27th. How must he feel? Erik Christensen is now on the first line. A waiver pickup who has three points in two playing alongside the Great Gabby and Brandon Dubinsky. What does that exactly say?

In other news, the Blues fired Andy Murray today. They had the worst home record and have been in the cellar of the Central, paired with underachievers Anaheim, Columbus and Edmonton. Don't we have like the second worst home record? John Davidson has a pulse and is passionate about his team. He's not resting on laurels. So, he runs St. Louis the right way. For years, many Ranger fans wondered if JD could be our GM and right the ship. Instead, we're stuck with Slats and the garbage contracts that have ruined our cap and destroying the foundation that Tom Renney established. When does it ever end?

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