Thursday, January 21, 2010

One for Grade A punks

Forget the fact the Rangers were blanked 2-zip against the hated Flyers. And as grating as it is, I don't care that we've been shutout two times in a row by that pile of dirt team for the first time since 1999. When actual hockey was played, the more physical team was simply better, earning the two points.

The latest installment of this classic Patrick Division rivalry wasn't about that unfortunately. But rather Grade A punks like Daniel Carcillo who had the audacity to pick on our superstar Marian Gaborik. Just listening to Dave Maloney chew out Dan Girardi on ESPN Radio was enough to incense me. He was absolutely dead on calling out Girardi for not stepping in for Gaborik, who actually had had a fight before back in 2008 against ironically current Flyer Ian Laperriere. Go figure. It was just appalling listening to Maloney trash Girardi because it typified how soft this team is. How could you allow a garbage player like Carcillo to start throwing punches at our meal ticket??? Especially after play had stopped.

There are a zillion tweets from furious NYR Tweeps who cannot believe this happened. Tonight, we feature snowkitten35 for her excellent insight on this embarrassment:

@tsnjamesduthie that's bcz Carcillo is a punk but WORSE than him was Dan Girardi ALLOWING Carcillo to "fight" Gabby, he should've stepped in.

Anyone associated with hockey knows you don't let an opponent mess with your star player. Not only did Girardi allow this but risked seeing his teammate seriously injured by a resident clown who violated The Code. It'd be one thing to take on Jarome Iginla, who can handle himself as good as anybody. But quite another to force a fight with a superstar who isn't known for his fists. Make no mistake. This was a gutless move by a Grade A punk who doesn't belong on the ice.

Haters talk about how Sean Avery should be elsewhere but at least he'll challenge guys who can handle themselves and not just throw punches for no reason. Kudos to Sean for stepping in for Gabby later in the second and doing well against Carcillo in an even fight where he got the takedown. Aves also lost to another clown Scott Hartnell, who took exception to a clean hit and got off three rights- two of which landed knocking Sean down. I hate Hartnell but at least he can play the game a little. Aaron Voros also fought Arron Asham three seconds into the third.

Good on at least two of our players for standing up. Too bad it didn't help on the scoreboard where the Flyers on goals by rookie James Van Riemsdyk (putback off break-in) and captain Mike Richards (PPG w/2.5 ticks left in 2nd off Marc Staal's skate) made it stand up, getting shaky Ray Emery a routine shutout. Credit the hosts for playing an aggressive, physical defensive game where they simply didn't allow the Blueshirts to get one single scoring chance. Sorry Voros. But you're not Gaborik, who was in the box seven minutes, including one of those slash's where the weakass composite stick snaps in half like it came from KB Toys. Yeah. I know it went out here at our Mall. Toys R Us. Same difference.

Gabby, Prosp and Dubi were a non-factor, even getting split up by a furious John Tortorella, who apparently had at it with favorite target Larry Brooks. All clean btw. Suck it Bettman! I didn't see it. We'll get the video up ASAP. I love Tort's fire and he's absolutely right. Tonight, hockey lost. What Carcillo did was childish. Did you see him in that penalty box? He was like a kindergartener. How is he allowed to play? He needs a serious beatdown and a lot of therapy. Oh. I'm just sure the NHL will treat him the way they treated our EZ Target. This league can go screw themselves.

Anyway, I probably wouldn't have broken up our top line because it still gave them their best chance of any comeback. Even if it wasn't happening. Chris Pronger was a beast and Richards the best player. Gotta agree with Brian Leetch on our team not engaging Richards. Wouldn't it have been wiser to see if they could get him to take a penalty? Oh well. All moot.

I'll finish this post by using a Tweet I made off the insanity:

BattleOfNewYork: this is the angriest I've felt after a #NYR loss Daniel Carcillo is a Grade A punk

BONY 3 Stars:

3rd Star-Sean Avery, NYR (2 fights-10 PIM, -1 in 11:20)

2nd Star-Chris Pronger, Phi (assist, +1 in 27:06)

1st Star-Mike Richards, Phi (PPG, 6 SOG in 19:46)

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