Monday, January 4, 2010

Bos/NYR Preview: A Storm Is Bruin

Tonight, a hot Bruins team visits MSG where our Rangers can't win. It would help if they could put the puck in the net. Right, Chris Higgins? Have you ever seen a guy work as hard and have worse luck than the guy we got just to rid Scott Gomez' contract? Even when Slats does something right, it's like he drank with the Devil, which btw is a good Jack Higgins novel. Oh wait. He does already. Dolan.

You know it's sad when our sad sack team is 5-1-2 in its last eight and still somehow sitting in eighth with 43 points with half a dozen right behind, not playing well enough. Why can't our team tank? Getting a high pick would be the best thing for this roster. At least Gabby and Henrik would get help. Well, Derek Stepan is going to be a good one and Chris Kreider isn't Hugh Specimen. So, there's that. If I sound so unexcited about this game on Versus, it's cause I won't be watching much. Well, I'll see the first and a little of the other two. See. There's actually a reason to watch wrestling with Bret "Hitman" Hart returning to WWE and Hulk Hogan on TNA going head to head. As my brother notes, wrestling sucks. But still, we got rid of our tix to see this. That's when you know your team sucks. I'm sure it will be a "sellout."

Just how pumped am I? A tweet which amused some of the masses who live and die with this team:

@BattleOfNewYork hey #NYR fans remember what it was like to look forward to our games...

Well, there's always next year. Sixteen years and counting.

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