Thursday, January 28, 2010

One more for good measure

Just got done watching this debacle. There aren't enough four letter words to describe it. The Canes easily could've put up 10. You know. There's a lot to be said for how hard Paul Maurice's club competes despite playing for nothing but pride. Giving Eric Staal the 'C' was an easy choice. But you watch how hard that team competes and it boggles the mind because we're getting zip from too many guys. No wonder they've exasperated so many fans.

I love the Rangers and always will. But it really drives me crazy when a select number of players aren't giving close to maximum effort. Ally's giveaway for a clear cut shorthanded chance was pathetic. That's what he does in his first game back? Good God. Is anyone home? Seriously.

I am so sick of the damn charity-fest with Dolan's Garden. I love charity as much as anyone. Helping troubled kids, etc is great. But they care so much more about that damn Garden Of Dreams than the teams that play. What about WINNING??? When does that ever matter with this owner? It's such a joke. Between that, the stick kids and the greedy Casino Night even if for a good cause, F it! That's how the diehards feel. They can suck it.

Before I totally lose it, I'll leave ya with this telling quote from Cam Ward, who made every big save unlike our goalie. I know. I am not killing him. This team just doesn't support him. But a couple of those goals were brutal. This is from a Conn Smythe winner who backstopped a good team (not great) to Lord Stanley:

This just goes to show the character that we have. It has not been an easy season. We’re one of the last-place teams in the league, but guys continue to come to the rink and are willing to work hard to try to better ourselves.

That's from the 29th overall team that earned points 40 and 41 while our team remains at 55, somehow in eighth 14 better despite players tuning out the coach. I'll leave it for you to discuss. How sad.

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