Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great take on our pansies

Look. Anyone with a pulse who roots for our beloved team knows how vanilla they are. Sadly, what went down the other night in Filthy was predictable. That toddler Daniel Carcillo could get away with such a bush league move speaks volumes. What if the Great Gabby had been seriously hurt? Reggie Dunlop's rolling over in his grave. Where are The Hansons these days? We need 'em along with Fulton Reed and Dean Portman pronto.

Sad to say but fellow Ranger blogger Scotty Hockey's right. As disgusting as it was, Carcillo was wise to do it because he knew he could get away with it. This was something close Devil The Program buddy Chris Wassel warned about when we signed Marian Gaborik. Who's going to ride shotgun? As much character as he has, you can't stick Aaron Voros out there on our top line. And while Sean Avery beat Carcillo in the fight later where at least the Grade A punk had his visor off unlike clown Scott Hartnell, it was much too late. Besides, we were already down in an important game 1-0. But the way the Flyers played standing up at their blueline and being physical, the score may as well have been 10-zip. Simply put. They weren't tying it.

I said it a while back. But this is the most embarrassing roster that's worn the Ranger logo in years. Even some of the sadsack teams during the Dark Ages mixed it up. Even if we had jokers like Sandy The Sniper and an insane Theo. Where's the beef? Even Marc Staal's been a disappointment in that critical area. Granted. He's only in Year 3 playing a tough position. But I wish Staalsie would play with the same edge he did last year. At least then opponents would have to keep their heads up. How many times have we seen Henrik bowled over without any response? It's just path------etic!

As flawed as this club is and what he has to deal with, it's amazing to think that The King has allowed two or fewer in 10 consecutive starts. With what exactly? There are no crease clearers. And hardly enough grit to make a difference. What the Flyers did was show the book on how to shutdown the Blueshirts. Which speaks to how out to lunch Slats is. But hey. He and Jazzy Jim are buddy buddy. So, he'll continue to steal money until a stroke or something. I know. Bad. But it can't be helped.

Speaking of strong takes on our beloved pansies, The Rodent had a great one yesterday. A few gems:

No Ilya frikkin' anything was gonna change what went down today. Look at that spectacle again and tell me Vincent Lecavalier is gonna solve that vacuum of aggression on that bench.

Give me a few less Enver Lisins and a few more Sean Bergenheims or Ben Eagers to put the fear of god into the opposition rearguard.

The Flyers were pounding, pounding, pounding and the Rangers failed to respond. Ryan Callahan finished an early check in Period 1 and then your heroes pussilatingly pussiated the rest of the way, shying from checks, absorbing punishment without reciprocating.

If this is the first round of the playoffs, the good guys are four and out.

This lineup is composed of pussies! who never finish their checks unless they wear 24

What part of that do you not understand?

Why wasn't Boyle finishing checks and initiating contact?

What about the pussiest pussy of them all, Michal Roszival whose size is utterly useless because he is such a wuss?

It's an illusion. Until this locker room is purged of this purrthetic pacivity, they're going nowhere.

Where was Chris Drury leading by example? When... tell me when he stood up to anyone wearing pumpkin and white?

He didn't. He didn't because he is a pussy who doesn't want to muss his coif.

It's the wussiful showing that's so embarrassing to MSG cognoscenti.

It's the wussiful display that portends ouster in the early rounds for this crew.

Couldn't have said it any better myself. The Rodent's one of the best NYR bloggers. Period. And quite entertaining. He's also a huge Petr Prucha backer. Has anyone noticed how he's doing on the surprising 'Yotes? Part of a good third line that injects energy. For as much as he got shafted by Renney here, one thing about Pruuuuuu is he never backed down from anyone. Always getting involved in scrums and throwing players away. The way it's supposed to be done. Now, you have cool bloggers like close Tweep Yotesgurl singing his praises with riveting posts such as "Playoff Prucha Point."

Speaking of Tweeps, a classic one from Ranger buddy Somelikeitblue on former Ranger Paul Mara, who's out for tonight's game in Montreal:

Somelikeitblue So sad Paul Mara's not in tonight! =( He wouldn't have let Gaborik get his faced punched in.

Both Pru and Mara wore the Ranger jersey with pride. Something few manage these days. It speaks to a losing culture that's going nowhere. That's why they should sell. It's high time they make necessary changes moving forward. Will logic prevail or will it fall on dead air?

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