Friday, January 22, 2010

John Tortorella vs Larry Brooks Part Deux

As was referenced in our recap, John Tortorella and Larry Brooks renewed their rivalry during the MSG postgame in which after the coach gave credit to the Flyers and trashed the game for "no honor anymore," he told LB he wasn't taking questions from him.

The reason for the standoff had to do with a piece Brooks wrote dissing Wade Redden, who fought in a recent win. While LB claimed it was funny, Tort didn't think it was a laughing matter because it disrespected one of his players. During the incident, he asked Brooks if he'd ever fought to which he uttered yes. Then, Tortorella followed with a school diss and kept answering other reporters before MSG exited to chuckles from Bill Pidto and Brian Leetch.

Who's side am I on? Obviously the coach's because he has every right to defend one of his players, showing honor. Brooks was bitter and couldn't let go trying to egg him on. To Tort's credit, he handled it well without violating his "Own Rule" by this hypocritical league.

To think that there's still 31 games left in this wild season.

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