Friday, January 8, 2010

A Devilish Delay: Game Postponed

In a game our blogger is probably at, the Devils and Lightning currently are waiting to resume play. They've been delayed about an hour due to a power outage. With 9:12 remaining in the second period, the Devils were trailing the Bolts 3-0 when apparently, some lights went out at The Prudential Center.

Perhaps Hell was freezing over with Satan in disbelief over the score and decided to flip the switch. Tampa hardly came in on fire. So, it's pretty shocking that they're up three on the Eastern leader who never loses at home. The Lightning have three goals on seven shots against Martin Brodeur showing just how bizarre this Friday night is. Too bad it's not Friday The 13th. Is there a full moon out?

The Devils outshot their guests 14-4 in the first but trailed by one due to a Steve Downie power play goal. Thus far, special teams have been the story with Tampa connecting twice in three power plays while New Jersey is 0-for-2. Speaking to how weird it is to see the Devs down like this, the immortal Brandon Bochenski- who once was dealt straight up for Kris Versteeg- has his first goal in three years. Wonder who won that deal?

Steven Stamkos has also tallied his team best 22nd from Martin St. Louis and Vincent Lecavalier with the third marker coming with 9:56 left. A mere 44 seconds before the magic electric trick. This can't be what's meant by PSE & G Power Play. :-P

It's now over an hour delay in Newark. Per the Lightning on Twitter, a pic of Stamkos hoping to get back out there. We'll know more soon.

UPDATE: After much dilly dallying while fans patiently waited hoping for more hockey, the NHL has postponed the game. The issue is that this was the final regular season meeting, meaning they're going to have to find a date that works for Tampa and the Devils. Figure they'll continue from the point it got halted with the Bolts leading 3-zip with 9:12 remaining.

Most appalling is how long this process took with fans who attended having no clue as to what was going on. Why did it take so long for the NHL to come to a decision? It should've been obvious that when it got to an hour that there wasn't going to be anymore hockey tonight. Furthermore, this is embarrassing for the Devils as well because they didn't announce anything until the Lightning players had cleared the bench and the nets had been removed my the maintenance crew. How bizarre can you get? Fans aren't stupid. Many headed for the exits once they saw this, not waiting for PA announcer Kevin Clark's announcement which thanked fans for their patience. Huh? Why did it take so long? I'm at a loss for words.


Hasan said...

Actually I skipped this one (sold my tickets) since I went to two games already this week and am laughing my fanny off from the comfort of my living room :P

Derek Felix said...

man, I am really glad you did because it was really unfair to the fans. I can't believe it.

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