Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is he Right?

The biggest topic making the rounds is what Canucks' forward Alex Burrows accused referee Stephane Auger of last week following Vancouver's loss to Nashville.

It's been well documented that a discussion took place between the two prior to the game with Auger supposedly referencing a prior instance in which Burrows embellished to draw a major, making him look bad and would get back at the Vancouver pest. That he was penalized twice in the deciding stanza, including for diving and phantom interference which led to Shea Weber's winner makes it the case that much more intriguing. Not surprisingly with just four seconds to spare, a furious Burrows drew an additional unsportsmanlike and misconduct, totaling 16 penalty minutes- all in the final 20 minutes.

Odd. Was it merely a strange coincidence or did Auger really cross the line, violating the code of conduct expected of sports officials? Even a week later with the NHL fining Burrows $2,500 while not disciplining Auger yet, there are still many lingering questions. Why only $2,500 for a player who made such a strong accusation? How come the league remains more quiet than a mouse? Is it too much for Gary Bettman and League VP Of No Objectivity Colin Campbell to discuss this serious manner further? Or are they plain chicken? If only Marty McFly were running things. Come to think of it. We could use Reggie Hammond. This league needs a new sheriff as badly as the Chargers need a new coach. One already signed an extension while the other is not going anywhere.

I'm no expert and don't pretend to be. I just don't feel Burrows would make all of it up. Of course, the powers to be want to sweep it under the rug and pretend things are honky dory. This ain't going away anytime soon. One of my good Tweeps HockeyJoeGM had an interesting tweet:

Of course Bettman is satisfied with the Burrows investigation. It ended immediately a ref was lauded and a player was thrown under the bus.

Is he right? I'm no fan of Bettman Inc. I never bought the whole crap about the lockout just being about the salary cap. Not with owners fattening pockets. This league is full of deception. However, we don't really know what went down at GM Motor Place on Jan.11. Only two people know the whole truth. Burrows and Auger. I can't definitely conclude anything other than it's just the latest sample of substandard officiating. In this instance, was there a motive? I don't really know. The league has mishandled it. Yet another reason to throw your arms up in the air.

Nothing doing.

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