Thursday, January 28, 2010

How low can they go?

Losing to the NHL-centric Cindy Pens is one thing. But getting completely annihilated by the 29th overall Candy Canes is quite another. How to explain a 5-1 loss, completing a perfect two-game homestand by doing what else...losing by a combined score of 9-3. If you're keeping track, it's now four consecutive losses. Here are some numbers for the most embarrassing Ranger roster since pre-lockout:

-4 losses in row
-shutout twice
-outscored 17-3
-0-13 PP
-7 defeats in last 9 (2-6-1)
-blanked 4 times
-permitted 4-or-more in 4 of last 7
-in the 4 losses outscored 19-4

Read it and weep or laugh. And yet, with a 24-23-7 record with 55 points, they're still in eighth for the playoffs, ahead of the Habs who were shutout by Tampa. PLAY---OFFS?!?!?!?!?! Paging Jim Mora! Well, look at the bright side. They now hit the road for three and can't torment the disgusted Garden Faithful. Pretty soon, they'll be handing out puke bags.

But come on! This ain't so bad. It's not the end of the world. Jazzy Jim is still insulting "real fans" while kissing the royal asses of lame corporate stench who wouldn't know the difference between a hockey puck and a burnt to a crisp burger. Second class citizens in our own building. Glad we didn't go. Just hearing the disbelief in non-company man Dave Maloney headed back from BK was enough to tune out. Well, at least I made a nice chicken dinner with blueberry marmalade sauce as the score went from 3 to 5-1.Cally scored. That's it. Also see Lundqvist is back to giving up his softie. Poor guy can only take so much.

Good for the Caniacs. They showed and followed up a blowout win of the equally putrid B's with another stellar performance. Kudos to the white hot Eric Staal, who continued his torrid play tallying twice as did Sergei Samsonov. Yes. Two goals to the former Calder winner. When was the last time he was relevant? Remember when he was supposed to be great? Even lowly Pat Dwyer managed to redirect a Joni Pitkanen shot 3:11 in. And then Staal scored on the next shift 25 seconds later!

You just can't make this stuff up. I also saw Callahan cut it to 2-1 only to see/watch Samsonov restore the two-goal lead 41 ticks later. Holy ******* ****! At least Tinman, who got victimized, went back into Tort's doghouse. Well, Aaron Ward and Matt Cullen each had a helper in MSG returns. Can you imagine what was said on the bench? And Conn Cam made 37 stops against our offensive juggernaut.

Ally returned in place of Huggy Bear to go minus-two in 17 shifts. Why? I have no idea. Redden btw got nine shifts totaling 7:13 of ice. $6.5 million just don't get ya much these days. J-Bo is doing the same thing under Brent "Benedict" Sutter in fading Calgary, who lost again this time in the gimmick. Naturally, Flame scouts have been at our games trying to pawn off Dion Phaneuf. He of 12 assists. Washed up already before 25??? Elisha Cuthbert just may have destroyed two careers within a year. I like ya Elisha but please stay away from the rest of our players. We suck bad enough.

So, what else is there to say? The poor BC kids who were blown out in hoops tried harder. That's cause they aren't getting paid and still have H-E-A-R-T. Our circus clowns are all Tinmen who should be sponsored by the Wizard Of Oz. I'll take the cowardly Lion over any of them. Dorothy and Toto could do a better job running the team. And somehow by some huge f---d conspiracy, the Cuban cigar smoking son of a gun keeps his job.

Here's a date to remember:

Day: Sunday
Date: March 7, 2010
Where: Outside 1 Penn Plaza
Event: Fire Sather Rally

This better be a lot more organized than that awful one versus the Avs during the Dark Ages. What a farce that was. For more info, here ya go:


BONY 3 Stars:

3rd Star-Cam Ward, Car (37 saves incl.21/22 in 2nd)
2nd Star-Sergei Samsonov, Car (2 goals, 3 SOG, +2 in 13:56)
1st Star-Eric Staal, Car (2 goals incl.PPG, 3 SOG in 18:45)

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