Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ten Thousand

Proving that I have no life, we've reached 10,000 tweets. Though this really isn't noteworthy compared to all the other stuff Hasan, myself and Brian do, just wanted to say it's been a lot of fun getting to know other bloggers/fans who are as passionate as it gets when it comes to our beloved sport. Whether it's fun banter, intense debates or just getting support from caring people, I have a huge appreciation for our hockey community. We may not always see eye to eye on our teams, players (Crosby/Ovechkin), etc. but that's what makes us such a tight knit group. When things go badly for someone, we all pull together.

I said it once and I'll echo it again. This place wouldn't be possible without Steve Lepore. He was the mastermind behind it. So, big ups to you and continued success with PuckTheMedia.

To those Tweeps who've given us extra love tonight, I will never have enough kind words. It means plenty! Thank you so much :). As far as what was said, I don't like to get into that stuff. Greg Wyshynski is a friend/colleague who does an outstanding job with Puck Daddy. He has a lot more on his plate than we do here. Though I would like to expand. But we're small potatoes.

I still haven't gotten around to posting video from Mike Zippo's Fire Sather Rally Sunday. I'm going to give a view later. Decided to wait because we were there and shook the man's hand giving him his due even if the turnout wasn't earth shattering. We've read pretty much every take thus far with Blueshirt Banter's Joe Fortunato the best. If you haven't already, go read it. Hopefully, I'll give a respectful account that's well thought out so our audience who didn't attend has a better idea of the scene directly across from Madison Square Garden.

If anyone's interested, we really could use an Islander blogger. I feel guilty because I've kinda lagged on the archrival which certainly isn't intentional. They've been going through a tough time. With the playoffs looking more and more like a pipe dream, it'll be interesting to see if John Tavares can get untracked again. The future of the franchise is minus a goal in 17 straight. It'd be nice to see JT91 finish strong. Look what it did for super soph Steven Stamkos, whose 40 markers have the Lightning finisher trailing only Sid and Ovie, who are tied for the league lead with 44 thanks to the Great Eight's deuce in a 4-3 shootout loss to Dallas yesterday. Amazing when you consider how poorly he started his rookie year. Now, the recently turned 20 year-old Tampa '08 No.1 overall pick's got a shot at 50. Love to be a fly on Barry Melrose's wall these days.

Well, this at least makes this post about hockey. Until next time.

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