Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Picture of the day: A first in Devils-Rangers history

Sorry Derek, but this had to be posted.
Figures I had to miss the fun...oh well at least my tape worked (that sucker's going in first thing tomorrow when I get home from work) and I'm no longer dreading going to Friday's game. I won't be here much this week though, as I'll be out of town over the weekend so if the Devils actually run off a winning streak which would be a first in two months, I have not died of shock. I'll be back for a week recap on Tuesday or Wednesday.
I will get to watch or listen to the other games live, so hopefully I'm not still beating my head over this shaky defense Tuesday. At least we did what we had to do for once offensively against a mediocre Rangers team.

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Derek Felix said...

I loved it actually. lol

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