Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fire Sather Rally Day

The moment has finally arrived. Well, not the one we really dream of. You know. No more Dolanvi$ion milking '94 for all its worth while handing out cushy jobs to Rangers alumni to celebrate the past. Ahh. But I digress.

Today, you can be part of the first ever organized Fire Sather Rally. At 5 PM this afternoon on the East side of 7th Avenue between 31st and 32nd, many Ranger fans will come together for a worthy cause. One which probably won't ever come to fruition due to Jazzy Jim's mancrush for a senile GM who rode the coat tails of Gretzky and Messier. One who once stated that if he ran this franchise with unlimited cash, he'd win a Cup. Well, a decade later the Slats Era Error has been to the postseason four times advancing past Round One twice.

At the moment, there are 1,230 confirmed for today's extravaganza on a wonderful March Sunday afternoon in NYC. This is for the arrogance of a man that disrespects the jersey. Especially the loyal Garden Faithful. A man who destroyed our cap thanks to actually still believing Wade "Tinman" Redden was good. Tragically, he probably still does. The Michal Rozsival contract doesn't help. Neither did overpaying for Chris Drury. While it's easy to site more Sather fallacies, the biggest of all was the ultimate disrespect he showed Brian Leetch, not even having the guts to ask him before trading No.2, who'll always be No.1 in our Blue hearts. This is what you get from someone who thinks he invented hockey.

In two hours, the protest will get underway. Full credit to Mike Zippo for orchestrating this monstrosity. As a long-time Ranger fan, I ask that we all behave properly. Mr. Zippo has encouraged us to keep it clean/respectable. I echo those sentiments. Let's show everyone what makes New Yorkers so special. Be loud but be smart. And have fun.

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