Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Deadline Day 2010

It's Deadline Day. Thus far, a few deals but nothing earth shattering. We'll just list them and do insight later.


1.NJD acquire D Martin Skoula from Tor for 2010 5th Rd Pick

2.Phx acquires D Derek Morris from Bos for 2011 4th Rd Pick

3.Mtl trades F Matt D'Agostini to Stl for Aaron Palushaj

4.Bos acquires D Dennis Seidenberg & D Matthew Bartkowski from Fla for F's Byron Bitz, Craig Weller + 2010 2nd Rd Pick

5.Ana acquires D Aaron Ward from Car for G Justin Pogge + 4th Rd Pick ('10 or '11)

6.Car trades F Scott Walker to Wsh for 2010 7th Rd Pick

7.Van acquires F Yan Stastny from Stl for Pierre-Cedric Labrie

8.Phx acquires F Wojtek Wolski from Col for F's Peter Mueller and Kevin Porter

9.NYR acquire F Kris Newbury from Det for F Jordan Owens

10.Phx acquires D Mathieu Schneider from Van for D Sean Zimmerman + Conditional 2010 6th Rd Pick

11.LA acquires F Jeff Halpern from TB for F Teddy Purcell and 2010 3rd Rd Pick

12.Wsh acquires F Eric Belanger from Min for 2010 2nd Rd Pick

13.Ana acquires G Curtis McElhinney from Cgy for Vesa Toskala

14.Buf acquires F Raffi Torres from CBJ for D Nathan Paetsch and 2010 2nd Rd Pick

15.Atl acquires F Clarke MacArthur from Buf for 2010 3rd + 4th Rd Picks

16.Wsh reacquires D Milan Jurcina from CBJ for 2010 6th Rd Pick

17.Tor trades F Lee Stempniak to Phx for D Matt Jones, 2010 4th + 7th Rd Picks

18.Wsh acquires D Joe Corvo from Car for D Brian Pothier, F Oskar Osala + 2011 2nd Rd Pick

19.LA deals for F Freddy Modin from CBJ for Condional Draft Pick

20.Ana acquires G Joey MacDonald from Tor for 2011 7th Rd Pick

21.Van acquires D Andrew Alberts from Car for 2010 3rd Rd Pick

22.Fla trades F Matt Rust to CBJ for D Mathieu Roy

23.Ana acquires D Lubomir Visnovsky from Edm for D Ryan Whitney + 2010 6th Rd Pick

24.Tor gets D Chris Peluso from Pit for 2010 6th Rd Pick

25.Nsh trades for F Dustin Boyd from Cgy for 2010 4th Rd Pick

26.Cgy acquires D Steve Staios from Edm for Aaron Johnson + 3rd Rd Pick in 2010 or 2011

27.Col gets F's Stephane Yelle and Harrison Reed from Car for F Cedric Lalonde-McNicoll + 2010 6th Rd Pick

28.Phx acquires F Alexandre Picard from CBJ for F Chad Kolarik

29.NYR acquire D Anders Eriksson from Phx for G Miika Wiikman + 2011 7th Rd Pick

30.Phx gets F Petteri Nokelainen from Ana for 2011 6th Rd Pick

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