Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ovechkin gets two games

Much of the focus has been on Alex Ovechkin's latest hit that earned him a two-game ban. During the first period of the Caps' come from behind 4-3 overtime win over the Hawks, the two-time rating MVP pushed Brian Campbell into the boards, fracturing his collarbone and ending the defenseman's season.

At least that's what they say right now. Hopefully, Campbell returns sometime in the playoffs if Chicago goes far. Was the play dirty? It was partially from the side but Ovie caught Camby in a vulnerable position, which resulted in the push carrying his momentum into the boards. This made it dangerous. A no no.

Even if it wasn't Ovechkin's intention to hurt Campbell, he paid the price spending the rest of the day off. Not exactly what NBC had in mind considering how they touted it as Ovie vs Toews/Kane. I've been on record as tweeting that Backstrom should have been part of the promo too. Naturally, the much overlooked other Cap star tied and won the game, giving the Caps an impressive win. Go figure.

So, AO gets two games for this probably because as Bob McKenzie stated, he injured Campbell. Something that fortunately didn't happen when Steve Downie wrestled down Sidney Crosby in a Pens' 2-1 win over the Lightning. A cheaper play and in our view, a deliberate attempt to injure the Golden Boy. That he somehow returned was a miracle. The NHL didn't even bother.

Impossible unless you live in a bat cave which Colin Campbell probably does. How else can he explain this or the preposterous decision not to suspend repeat offender Matt Cooke for his blindside cheapshot that KO'd Marc Savard? In our recent Devil winning recap over the Pens Friday, you may have noticed our disdain for Mr. Cooke. That's because it's his MO to catch players in bad spots. Don Cherry lambasted him on HNIC during Coach's Corner, indicating that he deliberately does it. Based on the video montage dating back to his Vancouver days, we're inclined to agree.

It just doesn't reflect well. Is Cooke, who's actually a solid checking type, disrespecting his peers? Does he care? While that makes for fun debate, one can't find the words for why he gets off Scot free while arguably the game's brightest star doesn't. Regardless of the Mike Richards' comp on David Booth, this was a repeat offender who continues to run around without fear. That's because the hypocrites that run the asylum let him, which sets a bad precedent.

When is enough ENOUGH?

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