Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Ranger Hell

This is actually something I came up with while screwing around on Twitter with a few NYR tweeps. Based on yesterday's listless performance.

"A Ranger Hell"
D Flex

Team got blown out
By a red ball of fire
All Tort did was scream and shout
As the Boss chimed this gun's for hire

No Ranger showed
Creating a Devilish hell
Just a bottomless soul
Hit by a Satan bombshell

Henrik was chased
As Kool Aid drinkers chugged
Looking all red faced
And disturbingly drugged

Even Marty couldn't blow this one
As steam came out of Henrik's mask
With scrubby Niedermayer loading the gun
To which the crowd gasped

Tort already had his alibi
No such loyalty behind the bench
Cap fans don't know whether to laugh or cry
This guy is just a wench

Will someone please pass the bottle
As Back To The Future Ranger style plays
Hennessy and Jack Daniels full throttle
To sadder endless days

If only senile Slats had learned
Instead of smoking near the coast
Maybe that Cuban can forever burn
Until he and Jazzy Jim are toast

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