Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sean Avery in hot water up in Toronto

As fellow blogger Steve has already reported, Sean Avery was called to Toronto today to speak with Commissioner Colin Campbell and the rest of the disciplinary team to decide if a suspension is warranted for Avery's actions on Saturday night.

As noted, Toronto's Howard Berger said that Avery started the ruckus after a comment about Jason Blake's bout with Leukemia. Brendan Shanahan has voiced his opinion on the matter, saying that Avery would not have said anything of that sort, and that while Avery's antics are sometimes seen as classless, he wouldn't stoop that low. Even Toronto's head coach Paul Maurice said he had no problem with Avery's antics before the game, so something seems fishy. It was originally reported that a fellow Ranger had said that even he "wanted to strangle" Avery at that point, but come on, who doesn't want to strangle Sean Avery sometimes.

Avery will not be suspended, and Greg Moore who was called up as an insurance policy, has been sent back down to Hartford. Avery will likely be fined, even though it is coming mainly from reputation and he said, she said nonsense.

The Rangers and Devils square off tomorrow night as Martin Brodeur looks for win number 500. Should be a good one tomorrow as Avery will surely be looking to release some steam.

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