Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Isles play great third period, beat Rangers

Wow, tonight was probably one of the best games I have seen the Islanders play. Well let me rephrase that. The best PERIOD Ive seen them play because although the first period was good [blink and you'd miss it] the Isles came out lethargic in the second and it was then where I had the feeling the Rangers were going to take the game over.

Watching Miro Satan cruise around the ice in the second period made me want to go down there and choke him out. I mean I realize this is an important game for both teams but this is our house and no way should any player be taking a shift off with all of this emotion in the arena.

I remember some fool yelling "How are you guys gonna feel when it's 2-0!" Just then Trent Hunter scored and everyone in my section gave that guy some serious crap for opening his mouth. We didn't hear from him the rest of the game.

I loved the way the Isles answered every goal the Rangers scored, every hit [except Avery's hit on Hunter in the third] and every big save. Great save by Lundqvist on Sillinger.

Anyway the third period was intense. Dipietro really held things together and the defense for the most part did their jobs. It did get a little interesting towards the end but we really played one hell of a game. Mike Comrie got the 1st star but it was really "Mr iron Legs" Miro Satan once again who put the game away and made the Ranger fans hang their heads in shame once again while leaving the Coliseum.

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Frank (Long Island) said...

Don't forget to mention the little turnover caused by my man Richard Park to set up Miro's snipe.

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