Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dear Sean...You Suck at Life

Tom Gulitti did a great job conveying the wisdom of Sean Avery tonight.

Some points made:

-Avery called Clarkson "a bonehead minor leaguer" after the game and called Brodeur, "Marty the diver", a reference to the goaltender's first period diving penalty. "I don't even know who this guy is, why am I talking to him," Avery said of Clarkson. "We're not friends. It's not an (expletive) secret. We're getting ready for a game and we go to war."

First of all, anyone who saw Clarkie's goal Friday night...has Avery ever scored a goal that nice? And why are you talking to him? I don't know started the conversation! Do you have soap opera level amnesia?

Moving on...

-When asked if Brodeur said anything back to him, Avery said, "I can't understand a word he says with his accent."

C'mon Sean, is that Jersey twang Marty speaks in English with baffling you? Watch some Sopranos DVDs and you'll figure it out.

So, what was David Clarkson's response?

-Clarkson played it diplomatic. "We both kind of play the same way, hit hard and get in other guy's face," he said. "That's how he is. He's going to try to get under my skin before the game and other guys, just like I do."

Aw Yeah, David's a soulja. He's smart enough to figure out that he's pretty much Sean, but with, you know, an offensive game?

Hey, guess who else Sean decided to take on...

-Before one first period faceoff, Avery lined up across from Zach Parise and yapped in his ear for what seemed like an eternity. "I asked him to fight a couple of times," Avery admitted. When an incredulous reporter questioned that he would challenge Parise, who has never had an NHL fight, Avery replied, "Is that his name?"

Yeah Sean, you saw the back of his jersey enough tonight...

Seriously, joking about not knowing who Parise that a thing? That's like when Brian and Stewie from Family Guy called Scrubs unfunny at the Emmys.

THE ZACH's response?

-Parise also said he ignored Avery. "He wanted to fight me," he said. "He told me to, 'make a statement.' I just ignored him. It's all about him. It's too bad because he can be a pretty good player."

Good boy Zach.

Aaah, it's good to hate the Rag$ again!.


Brian said...

Great article Steve! I agree on your take of things. I really hope someone knocks this punk out.

Eggshmeg said...

Avery's a little bitch, the whole league knows that, even Elisha Cuthbert knew it!

Tibbs said...

Sean Avery is a joke. He has a role and he does it well BUT he should back up all the yapping with acts on the ice. Don't back down from a fight with Clarkson if you have guts!!! He just totally lost his credibility last night, if not before that.

Why Sean Avery is a joke..., it is all there:

Staind890 said...

@hmm...bitter new joy-zee fan complaining about avery. remind me please who won the game?

Anonymous said...

Avery certainly didn't win the game. He's too busy playing off his game rather than on. He could be a quality player IF he'd actually focus on putting up points rather than penalty minutes.

Anonymous said...

Go back to Joi-sey you morons!

they would love to have a guy like avery on their team, they are just too hypocritical to admit it. Brodeur had it coming when avery knocked off his mask last year. he acts tough , yapps, sticks players behind their knees,but when avery put him on his ass he went down pretty quickly didnt he?

Anonymous said...

maybe avery didnt win the game by himself. but he sure as hell was a factor. remind me again, who won the game?

By the way maybe avery isnt that tough...or would he be able to walk 2 blocks from the "rock" without getting mugged?
Thats like putting a diamond on a turd. Newark...what a $hit hole.

Anonymous said...

To the Rags fan who talked about how Brodeur wouldn't find, I don't remember seeing Lundy fight Cam when Cam was yapping at him afterwards, idiot.

Anyway, nice article Steve.

To the Ranger fans who talk about who won the game, what's more important? You winning a single game, or winning more than a single Stanley Cup within the past 15 years? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Anonymous said...

steve youre a Bonehead minor leaguer. an BONY leaguer.

by the way what happened to Joisey?

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve (newark)....You suck at Blogging


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