Saturday, November 3, 2007

Rangers defeat Devils 2-1 in a shootout

What a game by the Atlantic Division rivals. Equally good job by our Devils blogger, Steve, for the live blog action that he gave us tonight. Updates every minute is an impressive feat. I figured I'd jump in with a wrap up and thoughts while he's icing down his fingers.

I was really impressed by how both teams played tonight. Both goaltenders deserve a lot of credit. Defense was stingy, offense got some chances, no player passed up a chance to throw a hit (even Captain Jagr threw one, although it may no have been the most legal) and we were treated to an overall great game.

Some thoughts to end the night:

Hossa, Prucha, Dawes. That was the shootout lineup for the Rangers. On a bench with Jagr, Gomez, Drury and Shanahan, that is who won the game for us tonight. I am not complaining, but those three players combined do not make what Gomez or Drury signed for this year.

Avery is back, and at the best time for the Rangers. He was a pest today, and that's the missing piece for the Rangers. Someone to do the dirty work, bait some players into penalties and even set up a play or two.

With the mando-contracts given to Gomez and Drury, Brandon Dubinsky centered Jagr and Hossa. And he did it effectively. While Dubinsky isn't a playmaker that will get Jagr 50 goals, I don't have a problem with him there. It balances out the other two lines. It will take a few more games of effectiveness to fully convince me, but I liked what I saw today.

Patrick Elias was invisible for the most part tonight. Him and Sutter are not a good match, and I don't know why. I respect Elias. His comeback from hepatitis is a great story and he is a talented player. You have to think that a move for him might be best right now, unless Sutter doesn't last.

Great game. Great blogging. Rangers play again on Monday when they host Philadelphia on Vs. at 7 pm. Goodnight.

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