Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rags and Avery, Leafs and Tucker fined

From NHL PR Dep't:

TORONTO (November 13, 2007) –

The New York Rangers organization has been fined $25,000, the Toronto Maple Leafs $10,000; the Rangers Sean Avery fined $2,500 and the Maple Leafs Darcy Tucker $1,000 for their actions in the pre-game warm-up in NHL Game #236 on Nov. 10.

"The unprofessional conduct of Avery in initiating this altercation, less than a week after being involved in an incident in the pre-game warm-up against New Jersey, is the basis for this discipline," said NHL Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell. "Tucker also bears some responsibility for his inappropriate response. Both organizations must also be held accountable for the players’ actions."

Team fine money goes to the NHL Foundation; player fine money goes to the NHL Players' Emergency Assistance Fund.

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