Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Little bit of a lineup change for tonight's Ranger game

Tonight's Ranger game against Tampa Bay will feature a bit of a lineup shake up. Here are the tentative lines for the Blueshirts, which is subject to change based upon how many times Tom Renney changes his mind.

Drury - Dubinsky - Jagr
Avery - Gomez - Shanahan
Hossa - Moore - Prucha
Hollweg - Betts - Orr

Tyutin - Girardi
Mara - Staal
Strudwick - Baranka

Michael Rozsival is nursing a sore knee. Strudwick is also skating on one leg after suffering a bruise on Monday. It's the NHL debut for both Baranka and Moore. Should be an interesting game.

The game is also on MSG2, which sometimes I get and sometimes I don't. So any updates will be pending I am watching the game. If' not I'll check in later on.

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