Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rangers Recap/Preview

I'm killing two birds with one stone here. First, last night's game against the Flyers.

- When the Rangers play 60 minutes of solid hockey, I don't know what team can beat them. They played all of last night's game with only a few mental gaffes. They won't need to score more that two goals a game if they can be as mentally sharp in every other facet of the game like last night.

- Sean Avery is a legitimate spark plug. He didn't have to fight anyone, but he did. It got the Garden rocking, gave the Rangers some passion and may have taken the uber physical Flyers off guard. Many people may not agree with the way he plays the game, myself sometimes included, but he brings a team together, whether they like it or not.

- The line combinations are finally working out. Who cares if the first line center isn't making over 7 million dollars a year. If it works, Chris Drury can play on the third line the rest of the year.

Now for tonight's game. I agree with IsleEnforcer, it should be one hell of a game. Passion will undoubtedly be running high tonight. Some info for tonight:

- It looks like King Henrik will be in net again. At this rate, Henrik's next day off may be in June. He said he wanted to go, and Tom Renney has to like what he sees, so he'll be in net.

- Jaromir Jagr will skate, despite playing through a sore hamstring. Should some unforeseen circumstance force him out of the lineup, Greg Moore is up from Hartford.

- Marek Malik will sit again tonight. At this point, why not try to trade him. Save the room on payroll and go with Jason Strudwick. He's not a fancy defenseman, but teams just aren't scoring on the Rangers right now, and Lundqvist as great as he is playing, doesn't get all the credit. The defense is blocking shots, taking away passing lanes, playing physical and jumping into the play. It's fun to watch.

- Not 100% sure, but you would have to think that Chris Simon is in for the Islanders. Could get a little more exciting than it is already if he is.

I have a soccer game tonight during the game, but I will watch after and chime in with my post game thoughts. Enjoy, this is hockey at its finest.

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