Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quote of the Day: New Year's Eve edition

This comes via Tom Gulutti's Fire and Ice blog after last night's Devils win against the Penguins where (shock of shocks) the Penguins only got one chance on the power play last night to the Devils' four. Apparently some Penguins didn't like being treated as a normal NHL team for a night:

During a stoppage in play 9:25 into the second period, referee Dan Marouelli had a long conversation at the Penguins’ bench with head coach Dan Bylsma and then another talk with Crosby. Then, he came over to the Devils’ and spoke briefly with Lemaire. After Marouelli left, Lemaire smiled.

According to one Devils’ player, Marouelli said the Penguins were complaining about the penalties.

“[Marouelli] said they were complaining that we didn’t have any penalties,” the player said. “[Marouelli] said we were behaving well and hadn’t done anything wrong.”

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