Thursday, December 24, 2009

1st Annual All Battle Christmas Team

Getting into the holiday spirit, we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah, Kwanza and Festivus during the best time of year! Appreciate what you have and celebrate life. Enjoy all that it gives us. I'm very appreciative for a loving Mom, Dad and the best brother anyone could ask for. Plus all my friends who enjoy my chaos. I love being able to have fun and raise the roof and give 'em some proof cause ya 'll know I speak the truth like Babe Ruth! ;-)

Haha. Okay. That crazy ass rhyme was for Channukah Harry and Santa and his little helpers. Now, to other things puck related. So, when we went to Freehold with our quite jovial Buffalo blogger, we hit up Dick's Sporting Goods and I bought an Eric Lindros stick and puck for 17 and change. Yes. I've never played hockey before. However, I am getting fit and want to also get a net and tape for my first ever stick and fire some shots in the back during this icy winter. Maybe me and Just can play catch like the good 'ole days. :) I'm really in a good mood. It all feels right. Speaking of puck, it's time to honor those who haven't been naughty the most through the first chunk of the season. In our first annual All Battle Christmas Team, we're going to select those players who deserve the best this holiday season has to offer. So, get out your Sabre, Devil, Islander and Ranger stockings!

1st Annual All Battle Christmas Team

G-Ryan Miller, Sabres 31 GP 21 Wins 1.99 GAA .935 Save Pct. 4 SHO

D-Andy Greene, Devils 32 GP 5-16-21 4 PIM +11 4 PPG 3 GW 

D-Tyler Myers, Sabres 36 GP 3-16-19 10 PIM +6 PPG 5 PPP 

LW-Zach Parise, Devils 35 GP 15-25-40 8 PIM +20 2 PPG 13 PPP SHG

C-John Tavares, Islanders 38 GP 16-12-28 10 PIM 8 PPG 15 PPP 2 GW

RW-Marian Gaborik, Rangers 35 GP 26-23-49 14 PIM +10 12 PPG 19 PPP SHG 2 GW

Since we were accounting for all four Battle clubs, we did our best to balance it out. Miller over Marty because he's the reason Buffalo is where it is. If it ended today, he'd sweep the Hart and Vezina. Something, sadly Jose Theodore last did. Sabre fans recall a certain Dominator owning the sport a decade ago. Brodeur is having another fantastic season and will be in the hunt. Also tough was taking JT91 over the trio of Prospal, Roy and Zajac. All have had good seasons but the Wiz Kid is pacing his club in key offensive categories as a teenager, keeping them afloat which must be factored in. Greene was a no-brainer for how well he's performed, going from a healthy scratch to the Devs' most valuable player so far, beating out MB30 and The Zach Attack. Myers was a better choice than Del Zotto due to playing on a better team. Plus he's a little better overall. Rounding out our list is the Great Gabby, who's been everything advertised, earning every cent. The Rangers are four over with the Big Ticket in the lineup. Without, they'd be dead last.

Congratulations to all. May they get everything on their Christmas Wish List tomorrow!

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