Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Buck Stops Here

After tonight, I've had enough. A classic rivalry it wasn't, lacking in intensity on the ice from our flat team and in the stands where I didn't see one fight or heated debate between Ranger and Islander fans. Perhaps that's cause anyone wearing our jersey held their head in shame. I can honestly say this is one of the worst games I've ever attended and am embarrassed to root for this team.

There's zero pride. With only one shot in the first 17 minutes, the players showed that they don't care. To think I actually went in more optimistic than my brother, who didn't have any juice for it which isn't like him. He's usually more enthusiastic. The feeling at least for me was that off the last two games, the Rangers would actually come out and play well against their most bitter rival. Instead, it was not hockey. Oh. One team competed, forechecking with vigor and attacking at will against our putrid D, which looked like they'd never played organized hockey. Or as much as I have. They were dreadful.

Once another garbage player (Jon Sim) banked one in off Henrik Lundqvist, who obviously wasn't paying attention, it didn't take long for fans to turn on the club. The first "Fire Sather" chants of the season came from our Section 411, gaining steam as this debacle went on. Sadly, the Berkeley Carroll girls varsity blowout win we scored in Park Slope had more energy. And it wasn't exactly a barn burner.

The most interesting aspect of going wasn't what was happening on the ice but rather a lengthy chat with an anonymous Garden employee, who's been there 19 years. They talked about how disgusted they were with how the World's Most Shameless arena is run, going into how Dolan destroyed the place and the three franchises. Yes. That includes the Liberty too. According to what they described, it used to be that every MSG employee was happy and getting paid handsomely. But the way its run these days has taken a toll. That's what happens when it goes corporate. I got a little taste of some of the stench between periods, where a scummy loser disagreed that the game was over. They probably couldn't name one player on the roster.
Also worth noting is how they went out of their way to trash Bettman for ruining the game. And like yours truly, they concurred that the lockout, which others blindly praise solely for the cap was a hoax because it just fattened owners' pockets while real fans are routinely shafted these days. It didn't take long for the convo to reach the whole renovation, which will once again phase out diehards. Right now, it's nearly 40 bucks to sit in nosebleeds for a sad sack team that has quit on the coach, who's out to lunch. How else do you explain Huggy Bear seeing second line duty down a goal? Wow.

I hate to say it. But when Dolan's dream is completed, the Garden will become one of the lamest places because they want losers there who couldn't tell the difference between a puck and a basketball. That's who it's geared towards. The suits and leggy Ford Models who get the royal treatment. At least Melissa Joan Hart was sitting downstairs. Sabrina Teenage Witch will always be one of our faves. Still looks great for being a Mom. I might have been the only one to cheer but hey, I have good taste.

By the 11 minute mark of period three, I'd had enough. I kept hoping for a whistle so I could just get up and leave because it was that bad. Full marks to the Isles, who played the way one expected. Like they wanted to get their second win in the last six to move two points up on our sinking ship. At 1-zip, I knew they weren't winning. The players couldn't test Dwayne Roloson at all, turning the Islander D into the Devils. Every Islander hustled, sacrificing to block shots and make it tough on our guys. By the time I got to the car, it was 2-1 with Blake Comeau supposedly victimizing Lundqvist before Enver Lisin actually did something, snapping the shutout. It didn't matter. This team is every bad adjective I can think of. Some which I can't post in this space. It's not worth it anyway.

As I left the building, I decided I don't want to go anymore. If we can sell my seat for next week's Islander game after Christmas and so forth, great. I'll go if I really have to. Let's put it this way. This Ranger team doesn't deserve any support. If we can make money back on this despicable product, no prob. I can catch the games on the tube with usual rose colored Red, White and Blue coming out of the brainwashed announcers. That's what you're dealing with. Bottom line. If my tix sell, I won't be at another hockey game the rest of the season. My stance is simple. Until there are serious changes, I won't voluntarily go. Am considering supporting the alma mater St. John's who takes on Hofstra in an all city ECAC showdown this weekend. Haven't seen the Johnnies in ages. And they're off to a nice start. Granted. Not against stellar comp but still encouraged.

I've seen plenty of hockey games anyway. Tonight wasn't one. The buck stops here!

BONY 3 Stars:

3rd Star-Blake Comeau, NYI (GWG-2nd goal of season, 3 SOG, +1 in 13:19)
2nd Star-Jon Sim, NYI (goal, 5 SOG, +1 in 11:20)
1st Star-Dwayne Roloson, NYI (25 saves)


Hasan said...
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Hasan said...

There weren't exactly a bunch of fireworks with Devils-Habs either. I'll probably muster up a recap tomorrow but hard to imagine what to put in it right now really other than 'yay, we win'.

But the Rangers really are getting Met-like right now, man.

btw just found out I can't edit comments here, oh well :P

Stevens8204 said...

When the Rangers announcers stop talking about positive knew it was ugly.

The bottom line is this. Something dire has to happen to James Dolan. Yes its cold but think how it worked for Chicago.

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