Saturday, December 19, 2009

MB30 In Again Tonight

It looks like MB30 is a go for the 13th straight time when the Devils visit the Thrashers in an hour. Will it be a lucky 13 for Marty? You really have to wonder wtf Lemaire is doing? As Hasan continues to reference, giving him this kind of workload at 37 going on 38 is risky. We all know how great he is but how much emphasis are they putting on the regular season in an Olympic Year? They got a good enough team where the backup (in this case Yann Danis) can get in once every blue moon or sky is falling blizzard.

As we've seen, these games don't mean a whole lot as long as you're in the mix. And the way the East is, it's pretty much a given the Devils will be in for a 13th consecutive postseason. So, why continue to overwork the franchise goalie? Do they want a fourth Cup or to set a franchise record for most points and be upset in the first or second round? Color this blogger confused.


Hasan said...

Yeah, there's really no excuse for the Devils to play Marty twice in four-out-of-six stretches (the Florida game two weeks ago and tonight).

It's like they lost confidence in Danis after that one period in Dallas which wasn't even his fault cause early on it did look like we weren't going to treat him like the typical MB30 backup.

Derek Felix said...

Guess I was wise not starting Marty tonight. :P

Hasan said...

lol, well I avoided the loss in my fantasy league. I'm stunned Lemaire actually treated MB30 like an NHL goaltender and pulled him after the first, not to mention finally splitting up the epic fail that was the White-Mottau pairing.

Derek Felix said...

A little surprised too. But was right call. Kovalchuk should be ashamed. His laziness cost his team on the winner.

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