Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fire 'Em All

Fire everyone! I don't care anymore. Funny enough, I voiced my displeasure about this team on our fantasy hockey site, stating hard cold facts about why it sucks to be a Ranger fan. Read if you like. There's no sense in rehashing. Though it was ironic that after a meal at the Play By Play with a buddy, I noticed Slats walking downstairs. Michael asked me why I didn't say anything and I replied:

"I have nothing good to say."

Sometimes, no words speak volumes. I don't have much to say about tonight's 6-0 disgrace to the Flyers. It speaks for itself. How bad was it? Aside from allowing them to do whatever they wanted (Gagne hat trick, Leighton SHO), the lack of effort was so putrid fans started filing out after the first. I decided I wanted to stay to see what would happen. So, when Chad Johnson was thrown to the wolves by Tort, I was already second guessing the move when Brandon Dubinsky made one of the laziest plays ever, allowing Gagne to come in and beat the poor kid just 23 seconds into his first NHL action on you guessed it. His first shot.

This was no time to put such an inexperienced goalie in there. Henrik Lundqvist was hardly at fault for what transpired in a three-goal Flyer first. Even if he probably could've had Danny Briere's goal which made it 2-zip. The first one couldn't have happened to a better guy with Blair Betts returning to MSG where he helped bring respectability back to our franchise. And there was the hard working fourth line PK guy putting home a backhand off a weird bounce which Marc Staal- abysmal all night- totally misplayed. Could care less that it came on the enemy as I cheered. That must've felt sweet.

It would be so easy to use every word imaginative to describe how dead our guys looked. Dubinsky and Staal were brutal. That's supposed to be two of our better guys. Even the Great Gabby suffered. Avery did fight that punk Hartnell but whatever. This was so embarrassing, I headed downstairs after Gagne's second that made it 5-0.

I briefly went into Borders where we'd met Theo Fleury a while back when things were tolerable. How could they not bother to show against a bitter rival following the Islander disappointment? I've seen this before. Every Ranger fan has as part of the worst decade in like ever. There were so many two bit scrubs on those rosters, it's mind boggling. Did it actually happen? I don't know how we put up with it. Guess we're all suckers. No wonder we have gotten rid of so many games this year. You have to at least get some money back.

The lone highlight was talking with four Czechs who were in The Big Apple a third time, finally at their first Ranger game. Boy, you should've seen the looks as this disaster unfolded. I did interview one and will try to have it up at some point. Good stuff too. There also was some pretty gal too in front of me with her lame boyfriend. I bet it was her first game. She at least had beer. This team will drive ya to drink. It's costing between 8.25 and 9.50. I at least had my 9.00 Heineken purchased after I bought the pregame meal.

When we got home basically as the game ended after Gagne completed his natural trick, it said everything. I can't ever recall leaving that early. My brother wanted to go home after the first. There's nothing else. I said on Twitter last night I was sick of this team and wanted to adopt another team the rest of the season. Of course, nobody in our conference.

I'm leaning towards Rangers West the Coyotes because of Prucha, who btw scored his eighth in last night's shootout win won by Korpedo. Phoenix is the polar opposite of us because they put out maximum effort and are out to prove a point. It reminds me of us following the lockout when we were picked dead last and then Jagr guaranteed the playoffs. Renney also restored an identity. That us against the world mentality where everyone rallies can be quite a motivator. Look what's happening in the Desert. Also, Dave Tippet's a good coach and Shane Doan is the most overlooked star in the league. A Flyer fan told me he regretted trading Upshall for Carcillo. Haha. They really do play hard and it would be a great story if they got in.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooo!!!!!! Werewolfs of London! Howwwwwwwwwlllllll!!!!!


Hasan said...

lol at the picture...I didn't see this one coming either especially after the Rangers had won a few games recently. Hey, next year you can banish Redden to the minors and get Kovalchuk with the cap space :P

I can relate being a Met fan, those two organizations really are similar. And the Jets are no bed of roses either although divine intervention may get them in the playoffs and they might be on the way up either way.

Hasan said...

btw the nobody in your conference comment includes Buffalo? Usually you root for them in the playoffs for obvious reasons (plus that's a hard-luck city in general).

Derek Felix said...

They are rootable. But I'd feel weird about it. I'd rather not because I know what Clown would say. They do have a good team. I wonder if they'll do something at deadline.

Derek Felix said...

Your Jets never do things the easy way. I hope it works out for ya. The Mets. I understand that. Maybe Bay will make the lineup good.

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