Friday, August 3, 2007

VERSUS info...

VERSUS' schedule of NHL games, along with likely NBC's, will be released the week of August 13. Of course, NBC's games will be flex-scheduled, with the 1 Game of the Week chosen 2 Weeks in advance.

Also, I'm sure many of you would be wondering if VERSUS is going to go to England and cover the two Ducks-Kings games at the 02 Arena in London.

The answer is yes...and no. They will be covering ONE game in England, the Sunday game on 9/30. It is not known yet whether or not they will air the Saturday game.

The thought behind that is that...NBC will air it if the plans for an outdoor game fall through, or VERSUS will move the start time of the TBD Big 12 Football Game from 12:30 to as late as 4:30, since they have less wiggle room than usual because they have a PBR event at 8 and a Mountain West game at 10

Thought you'd all like to know.

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